Yoga and Skin Benefits

If you have ever been in yoga studio you have to admit that there is something there that feels out of this world.

They are so peaceful, the way they move, and the way they sound … you just want to be there by their side. You want to feel that serenity yourself, that perfect aura around them –heck –I want them to adopt me.

It’s called yoga glow and it is proven to work heavenly on your body, especially your skin.


I heard one yoga instructor who said that we shouldn’t have certain opinions about yoga classes until you try it. I mean, really try it. She said that we can all have that yoga glow and that we shouldn’t think less of things like hot yoga for example. It is one of the best ways to detox your body, to get that pinkish color in your cheeks and tons and tons of confidence.

Well, although I’m not such a big fan of exercises since I have an awful back pain afterwards I use my secret formula. Since I want that glow and I take my Sankom yoga pants. Heck- it’s my salvation. I don’t even have that awful back pain after exercising anymore. They support my back and they flatten my tummy and lift my butt. Well, to be honest they help me feel hot in that hot yoga classes.


Sometimes I just don’t want to go out there and run in the rain. It is physically challenging whereas yoga classes satisfy me in many ways. Did I mention that my Yoga pants also shrink my waist and reduces cellulite visibility? You must love them. SANKOM Patent Yoga Pants are girls’ best friends.


Next thing that we, at least most of us normal girls have to fight every day with, are wrinkles. I don’t have to say that wrinkles are caused by stress and that little awful monster is all around us, attacking every day. I love yoga because it fights my stress like a wonder woman. When you do yoga regularly you can reduce levels of stress and it affects your skin positively. I also makes you feel more self controlled, it teaches you not react like a volcano in certain situations and to feel prepared and comfortable with everything and anything

Try to remember the last time someone told you look different in a positive way. How did you feel then? I bet you felt self-confident and satisfied. So, that feeling affects your appearance big time. That positive internal feeling and the radiance make people feel ageless. To be honest I adore that feeling and I love when I know I look good. In such times I think I’m up to anything.  What about you?

Your skin is something everyone notices right away whether they want it or not. It is normal that we all want a natural, healthy skin but sometimes it is difficult to achieve due to poor diet and stress. You may now think, well there is make up and night creams but it is not enough. There are a lot of things you can do for your body and your skin that are way better, healthier even. Here we go on and on about yoga but believe me it is all true. It does wonders for your skin, your beauty, your inner glow. You may now wonder ‘how the heck can some exercises improve my skin? ‘.Well, yoga improves your circulation and digestion and glowing skin has to do a lot with your digestion working properly.


How to get that yoga glow?


If you really want to start with yoga, put on your yoga pants, take a deep breath and start.

Some experts say that the best way to start is Sun salutation. This exercise builds heat, creates strength and helps you be more flexible. They say that if you decide to start with this exercise you should start with one and build up to five in a row.

There is one more pose that some experts suggest. It’s a spinal twist on your back. I love this exercise support my back in a best way possible so sometimes I don’t even feel the pain. You do this exercise so that you lie on your back and draw your knees to the chest, shift your hips to the right and then to the left. You should do this very slowly. This pose will make you feel confident, the feeling which is responsible for your good looks. It is great if you were sitting all day because it gives your spine certain release which leads to better posture



‘I can’t meditate! ‘


 It’s understandable. Some things can be easier said than done. There are times that you could replay everything you have done that day instead of clearing your mind. It is very common, don’t be afraid. When you try yoga you will see that the meditation is hard but you have to understand that is inevitable and necessary for your well being and beauty. You   may think that you have to meditate for hours in order to have the effect. It’s not true. Sometimes five minutes is just enough. I know that we are all too busy for everything but the biggest mistake is when you are too busy for yourself. You can have that five minutes, make them your own every day. You must, if you want to do well for yourself. When I say take five I mean no phones, no TV, no electronics whatsoever. It’s a huge mistake when people think about meditation. They think they need some special equipment for it. My dear, if you want to meditate you can do it on a toilette stall if you have nowhere else to go. You just need to close your eyes, take time to breathe and chase away those loud thoughts that distract you. You are in control; you have to be aware of that fact each second. Don’t let some altered perspective ruin that. You have to be in charge of your attitude and always make time for yourself.

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