Cut Your Own Hair with CreaClip – A Must Have!

It is not unusual that home isolation and quarantine has a severe impact on our mood, we are bio-psycho-social beings. But it is starting to affect the way we care for ourselves.

Some stay at home in their pajamas all day long, no makeup. Simply said, isolation is changing how you look.

If you are stuck at home and feeling grouchy and under the weather, it might be time to try to change a thing or two.

We are used to go to the hairdresser to get our hair done, which is now a huge problem. Many women are really concerned, and not without a reasonable cause, what will happen with their hair during self-quarantine.

Some of us know how to cut our own hair, because we practiced on our little sisters. If you ask the sisters, they will tell you a different story, a truly disturbing experience with long-lasting effects on their self-confidence. There is no amount of money that can bail you out of the younger sisters’ fury, when they see the final outcome in the mirror.

But, there is another way to learn how to cut your own hair and avoid going to the hairdresser during this time of isolation, and you can save a lot of money, if you trust the internet.  There are a few articles that focused on the CreaClip, and they swear that this product will help you to cut your hair all by yourself with minimal effort and mistakes.

But, when a new product is out there, we have to dig deeper and find other sources that are reliable and trustworthy. The best way to do so is to look for other customers’ reviews.

During our research, we came across mostly positive experiences. Some of the women sad that they were able to cut their own hair and at the end it looked like they went to a salon to have it cut.

Other said that they could trim their own bangs, layers, and everything in between, although they have never tried it before.

The “Teeth” comb the hair flat and straight and the lock on the CreaClip holds it tightly in place. They say you cannot make the same mistakes as some of us made with their little sisters.

The only thing that you have to be careful with, are the scissors. They have to be sharp and not the ones you use for school and craft projects. But, in the Original CreaClip Set there are scissors too, so you do not have to sharpen your old ones. The scissors are nice and small, so you will find them easy to work with, they said.

One of the worries that some of the customers had, was that they recently got bangs and their hair grew super fast so they needed a trim pretty bad. They were sure that a pair of scissors in their hands would lead to a complete disaster.

But, they said, this CreaClip device was a life saver. It was easy to use and they were actually happier with the bangs they trimmed themselves than when they left the salon after first getting them cut!

There were also customers that gave it 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. They said that this product was a little awkward to use, but once they got the hang of it they were able to cut nice, straight bangs.

The question that we ask ourselves, will the back piece work on hair that isn’t straight?

There is a trick that works with all haircutting: Section carefully and clip back everything that isn’t getting cut. Comb several times through with a fine tooth comb on the section that is getting cut.

Lay the to-be-cut section in the CreaClip and close with the clamp. Then pull down *almost* all the way on the hair until you see the little parts to be trimmed sticking out at the clip edge. Trim carefully–and take off less than you originally thought. You can always cut more but you can’t glue hair back on 😉 The CreaClip works exactly as advertised and has saved me a ton of money and hassle.

Mai Lieu – Founder and Beauty Expert and a Shark Tank

Another significant thing is that Mai Lieu – Founder and Beauty Expert and a Shark Tank, owns the patent of the Original CreaClip and other beauty tools, reveals in her book “Take The Next Step” how she invented the CreaClip back in 2006 and how you can turn your idea into reality.

Lieu reveals in her book “Take the Next Step” how she invented the CreaClip back in 2006 and how you can turn your idea into reality

We are all used to go to the salon and express our wishes and the hairdresser does the rest. But the times are bit different now.

As one of the customers said in their review, this little device is a live saver, considering the circumstances, this could be taken literally!


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